NutriGen Genetic Test Kit

An innovative, comprehensive genetic test for personalizing diet, wellness, and weight loss planning: NutriGen™ is the most complete nutrigenomic analysis in the market related to weight loss, response to exercise, intolerances and nutritional needs, among others, with 363 (3×121) genetic variations (SNPs) analyzed. We use state-of-the-art technology based on DNA OpenArrays that have more than 99% reproducibility and sensitivity. The NutriGen™ report proposes a dietary plan considering 850+ foods and a 3-phase supplementation program based on the patient’s genetic profile and medical history. The NutriGen™ panel can be an essential tool for nutritionists and other healthcare professionals who help patients personalize their weight-management and overall health, especially for patients who have tried other regiments before with little to no success.

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Personalizing Diet, Weight loss and Wellness planning

  • Test kit will be sent directly to you
  • Swab the inside of your cheek for one minute
  • Mail the test kit back to the company
  • 30 minute review with our health coach included




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